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Product Selection

If you don't already have a product and are looking to start an online buisness, this is one of the most important steps.


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Link Exchange

A link exchange is when you find other websites and ask them to put a link on their site, often in "exchange" for a link on your own.  Until you are able to establish yo

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Free Content Sites

Many people will tell you content is king.

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SEO Links & Tools

The following SEO tools are excellent resources to learn more about SEO:

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Making Money On Content

Online commerce solutions are not the only way to make money online.  The simple blog or content site you maintain as a hobby, might just be a solid source of income. 

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Logo Merchandise

A popular method of making money online is by selling logo merchandise.  You can create a vast array of merchandise for your fans to buy and set the markup percentages at whatever level you li

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Credit Card Processing

Paypal is one of the easiest and cheapest ways for small business to accept credit card payments.

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Search Engine Friendly URLs - SEFU

So what are Search Enginge Friendly URLs (SEFU) exactly?  In short SEFU are URLs which appear to search enginges to be static text.  With some software packages or custom implementations you'll find your URL's will have a "?" followed by the parameters needed to drive the page.  For example, on one of our websites we had the following URL:  Using SEFU, this gets changed to  So know you know what SEFU is, but why does it matter?  Well, it turns out that is the subject of a great deal of debate.

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Pay Per Click

One of the easiest, but of course most expensive, ways to drive traffic is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising.

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