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The Commerce Companion

Bringing commerce dreams to fruition....

Our goal is to bring together people and information that are interested in making money online. We believe the internet should work for you!


The Commerce Companion is a site that intends to bring together people interested in making money online! We have setup and currently manage small online commerce, content, and company websites. Our strong point is surely not making things look pretty, but have a strong interest in software and marketing. If you have a creative or unique idea and aren't sure how to get started, we may be able to help so contact us. Or if you're just looking for information, feel free to look around at the resources we've gathered through our experience.

Technical Resources

This area of the site has various technical resources and information. Just a small sample of the types of information you'll find here are: information on software packages, tips and tools, how to integrate online payment solutions, etc. Start exploring our Technical Section today!

Marketing Resources

Putting up a site will do nothing for you if you aren't driving traffic and marketing it properly. We are no experts on marketing online, but this section of the site captures different things we've learned with regards to driving traffic, pay per click advertising, link exchanges, and much more. If you have a site and you're ready to start driving traffic, checkout our Marketing Section today!